Cookieless, Optimized Content Distribution Network | gCDN

No cookies, minified, gzipped CSS, JS and Image and Font web-libraries over HTTP/S from multiple servers locations on IPv4 and IPv6.

Why gCDN

Many of these toolkits are in wide use across the web, in your applications too! Tired of keeping it all up to date? read more

CSS Stylesheets

960gs, Blueprint, Bootstrap, Foundation, Less Framework Skeleton,

JavaScript Libraries

Angular, Dojo, Ext-Core, jQuery, jQuery UI, Mootools, Prototype, QRCode.js, Scriptaculous

Images/Icon Sets & Fonts

Crystal Icons, Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Glyphish, Silk, Simple Icons, Tango

Other Projects

On top of the above base package gCDN also hosts a growing number of free/open web functional projects.

Fancybox, Prettify, TinyMCE

Consider a $20 contribution

It costs a bit, every month, to run even a moderate CDN such as this. Not so much storage size but bandwidth, from 1000s of request per second.


All orders will be processed through our primary sponsor, edoceo.

If you are a hosting, colocation or "cloud" service provider please consider donating some server resources.

Thank you for helping build a faster web.

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